Hotel Abago is one of Southern Russia’s most beloved vacation spots for residents and visitors alike.

The hotel houses 90 people and has comfortable rooms of 5 different types. There is a cozy restaurant on the premises with a special emphasis on national cuisine. In the South of Russia, hospitality traditions have a long history. They are rooted in ancient ethical norms that formed back when one of the Silk Road routes went through the Caucasus Mountains.

Thehotel’steamcarefully collects and preserves unique recipes that went through many generations.

Abago is a modern hotel that adheres to modern sanitary regulations and standards of comfort. We have two pools: an open hot pool overlooking the mountains and a summer pool that operates during warmer seasons. Moreover, we offer our guests a real Russian banya with a salt bath! Russian steam bath is a unique part of Russian culture. The combination of a special wooden stove that generates wet steam and a cold pool afterwards is a perfect way of discovering Russian traditions. Banyahelps your body combat viruses and infections, clears your skin and is good for your health in general. The temperature in the steam room can reach 90 degrees with the humidity level of 90%. Would you like to find out how that feels?

The hotel is surrounded by old-growth fir-and-beech forests. The mountain peaks that can reach up to 3000 meters above sea level are crowned with snow for most of the year, and the mighty river Belaya, one of the most important rivers in the region, flows just opposite the hotel. The river begins at the foot of the Fishtmountain and is one of the most popular rivers in the country when it comes to water tourism. Any guest of Hotel Abago can try rafting with an experienced instructor.

Abago opens its doors to tourists from all over the world and strives to help you experience the true hospitality of the Caucasus region!