1. Is your hot pool a thermal spring?
Answer: Our hot pool is filled with spring water that is heated to a comfortable temperature. There are no thermal waters in Guzeripl. However, there are two major advantages to that: you get a mountain vacation with a pool overlooking the mountains rather than flat land, and you can bathe in it all day long! The time you can spend in a real mineral water spring is strictly limited, otherwise it might be harmful rather than beneficial. The temperature in our pool is 38-40°C in winter and 30-33°C in summer.
2. We heard that the pool is closed, is that true?
Answer: Our hotel has two pools: a hot one and a seasonal one. The hot one operates all year round while the seasonal one only operates in summer because it’s heated by the sun only, and during winter it’s conserved. Either way, you’ll get your mountain vacation with a pool. вам обеспечен.
3. Does it ever snow? Can we ski here?
Answer: Snow melts fast in Guzeripl. Golden autumn in the valley is long, and spring arrives early. There is a lot of snow in Partizanskaya glade and Yavorova glade located 16 km away from the hotel, and you can use the asphalt road to get there. The slopes there are fully equipped for sledding and tubing, which is important when you are having your mountain vacation with kids. There are no ski trails in that location. In the glades, snow is on the ground from December to March, and higher up on the Lago-Naki plateau it doesn’t melt until the end of May.
4. Where can we walk from the hotel?
Answer: The river Belaya and the frontier of the Caucasus Nature Reserve are just at a stone’s throw from the hotel. The frontier is a huge “park” with picturesque gazebos by the river, a museum, enclosures with deer, raccoons, wolves and horses, an adventure park with trails of various difficulties, and finally the biggest preserved dolmen in Adygea which is over 4000 years old. You need to pay a fee to enter the frontier. The fee for the adventure park is paid separately. The starting point of the trail to the observation deck at the top of the Kazachya mountain is located near Hotel Abago, and you can find another observation deck at the Belaya river near the edge of the Guzeripl settlement. To get to other local landmarks during your mountain vacation with kids (or without them) you’ll need to have your own vehicle or order a transfer.
5. Can we pay with a card?
Answer: Yes, you can pay for your mountain vacation with a pool and all hotel services, including the restaurant and souvenir shops, with a credit card. However, it is better to have cash on you for other services and purchases such as goods from the shops in the Guzeripl settlement, souvenir market, jeeping, rafting, excursions etc. You can stop by the cash machines on your way here, in Kamennomostsky or Dakhovskaya.
6. Is there signal? A hospital? “Civilization”?
Answer: Guzeripl is a small settlement at the foot of the Caucasus mountains. It is situated near the edge of the Caucasus Nature Reserve, so there are no roads after the settlement. The population is 103 people. The nearest health post where you can seek medical assistance and call an ambulance is located in the Kammennomostsky settlement 40 km away. In Guzeripl there are three small shops with bare essentials, a souvenir market, and cell phone signal is provided by the MTS network operator only. The hotel has free Wi-Fi. There are no clubs or malls in Guzeripl. It’s quiet and peaceful here all year round. It’s a perfect place for a mountain vacation with kids.
7. What kind of roads do you have there?
Answer: A comfortable asphalt road leads to the Guzeripl settlement, though there is a short 40 km serpentine section. The road curves along the Belaya river and has great views of the famous Granite canyon. The road is never busy and there are no sharp turns, unlike the serpentine road near Sochi. The road leading to Yavorova glade from Guzeripl is also asphalted. You have to switch to snow tires in winter. Adygea is famous for its hospitality and poolside vacation would be a great opportunity to get some rest away from busy city and its never-ending traffic.
8. How should we dress? What should we take with us?
Answer: The weather in Guzeripl is similar to the one in Krasnodar, but 5-7 degrees cooler. You’ll need a jacket and socks for summer evenings. It’s never too hot here, even in the middle of summer when big cities are melting from the heat, because of the glacier-fed river Belaya. If you are planning to go to the mountains to Partizanskaya or Yavorova glade, it will be about 10 degrees cooler there due to the glades’ 1500 m altitude. The average winter temperature there is -10°C and the average summer temperature is +20°C. In spring and autumn, depending on the weather, you’ll need to bring a hat and a jacket, especially if you’re taking your mountain vacation with kids.
9. The forecast said it’s going to rain! What do we do?
Answer: Don’t panic! It often rains in the mountains in spring and summer, but never for too long. It might be raining in the morning, but there won’t be a trace of it left by afternoon, and you’ll enjoy brighter greenery and blue skies. Besides, you can take a mountain vacation with a hot pool and enjoy our cozy restaurant in any weather.