Free thermal pool and russian steam bath

Thermal pool
and Russian steam bath “Banja” with a salt effect!

If you are looking for a place for your vacations with a thermal pool, we invite you to Abago - the only hotel in Guzeripl with such a service. Our pool is safe, shallow, and is adored among kids of all ages.

It is not a natural healing source. It is filled with spring water heated to 30 °C in summer, and 38-40 °C in winter. This means you can enjoy the pool year-round.

In addition to the pool, a Russian steam bath is also available. Our steam bath is decorated with illuminated Himalayan salt panels. It flushes out toxins and improves blood circulation, giving it a healing effect. Showers and ice baths are also available.

We will provide you with maximum relaxation!

You may reserve a pool only for yourself and your company daily from 22:00 to midnight. The cost of the service is 2,000 rubles per hour. More...

Do not miss the opportunity to have a good rest, relax and enjoy the warm pleasant spring water of our pool complimentary with your stay.

Starting from 2 910 rub.
Thermal pool and sauna as a gift. Take advantage of a great deal with

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