Adygea is a South-Russian republic in the West of the Greater Caucasus range. The climate of northwestern Caucasus is notable for its high humidity, which contributes to the growth of such valuable wood species as beech, boxwood, fir and yew. The forests of themountain part of Adygea have very comfortable altitudes: from 300 to 1800 meters above sea level.

Higher, on the altitudes from 1800 to 3000 meters above sea level, lie the alpine meadows of the Caucasus Nature Reserve. The highlight of the republic, the Lago-Naki plateau, is a part of the UNESCO Natural World Heritage list due to the unusually high amount of rare plants growing on such a small territory. One out of three species of local flora is on the IUCN Red List.

Adygea is a small republic of only about 8000 square kilometers, but it surpasses many other Russian regions when it comes to the variety of natural landscapes. All year round guests can discover something new: they can try rafting, riding a snowmobile or the open hot pool overlooking the mountains in winter, see the incomparable alpine meadows in full bloom at the foot of 3000-meters-high peaks, climb the mountains, look at bubbling mountain creeks, grottos, deep canyons and caves.

Tourism in Adygea is developing rapidly. Every year, more than 300 000 people come to the region for their vacation.

Where all roads end and the Nature Reserve begins, there is a tiny, quiet settlement called Guzeripl populated by only 103 people. At the edge of the settlement, there is Hotel Abago. We don’t have huge malls and ski trails here, but all year round we have what’s disappearing more and more from the modern world: peace and untouched nature.

Come to Hotel Abago, to the very heart of Adygea, where good customer service goes together with primevalness of nature, where the spirit of ancient traditions blends into modern comfort.