Organization of excursions

Organization of excursions

Excursions in the Adygea mountains

Abago hotel is in unique reserved area. Nature has been preserved almost in its original form in its vicinity, and the tourist routes of the Adygea mountains are known throughout the country. The Lago-Naki plateau contains dozens of attractions of varying degrees of accessibility. The trails of this area beckon even those who are not used to extreme climbing in the mountains but want to enjoy the beauty of nature while trekking slowly through the amazing, reserved places. Some of the local routes are even for kids so the whole families often come here. But there is also an opportunity to climb the Fisht-Oshtenovsky mountain range peaks.

We guarantee that you will be able to easily explore the grottoes and waterfalls, gorges and easy passes, try rafting, and feel the full power of the Belaya River even with average physical condition, and feel the courage of off-road routes.

The Abago hotel provides any type of outdoor activity. In addition to traditional excursions, we have also prepared a special exclusive for you:

  • a trip to the abandoned Barite mineral asset adits to study minerals;
  • a paleontological excursion that will take you millions of years back to the bottom of the giant Tethys Ocean, and allow you to see its ancient inhabitants – the famous ammonites.

Having visited the mountains of Adygea, you will love these places forever, and you will want to come back.

Excursions require prior booking and are carried out by experienced instructors.