Hotel Abago’s team will introduce you to unique places untainted by mass tourism. Adygea has plenty of possibilities for extreme sports: trekking, mountaineering, offroad, canyoning, rafting. We will provide our guests with a capable guide and an interpreter. There are plenty of natural landmarks in the vicinity of Hotel Abago. Here are the most famous ones:

– CaucasusNatureReserve

This is the republic’s main landmark, with most of its territory being in the mountains. It can be visited not only by those who love camping, but also by regular tourists who can start their one-day hike here early in the morning to get the most ofit. Even during a short hike you will be able to see alpine meadows, mountain creeks and waterfalls, see the glacier and take a snowy walk even in summer, and of course enjoy a view of the snow-covered mountains. If you like camping or are ready to conquer one of the mountains (Fisht – 2867 meters, Oshten – 2804 meters, Pshekha-Su – 2743 meters), you can backpack along one of the longer tourist trails and set up a camp.

– The Rufabgo waterfalls

A series of 16 waterfalls and rifts is formed on one of the tributaries of the Belayariver – the Big Rufabgo creek. There is a hiking trail of about 2 km designed for exploring the waterfalls. Each waterfall has a name, the tallest fall is 20 meters high and is called Devichya Kosa (Maiden’s Braid). As you’re hiking along the trail you can enjoy the view of the forest and the rocks, walk through a cave, and swim in some of the waterfalls. At the start of the trail there is a souvenir shop, gazebos, cafes and a few simple amusement rides. The hiking trail is partially equipped.

– Khadzhokh gorge

The most popular natural landmark of the region, Khadzhokh gorge is a fenced-off area of the river Belaya that is fully equipped for tourist hikes. The area is about 500 meters long and is notable for the incredibly narrow ravine (a gorge) at the bottom of which Belaya is flowing. In some areas the gorge can be as narrow as 2 meters and is 40 meters deep. Those areas can be immediately followed by much wider areas where the river is more than 50 meters wide. Should you prefer to visit an area barely touched by man, Hotel Abago will set up a tour for you. Adygea has a variety of tourist trails suitable for any taste.