You will see


Dolmen, Museum of Nature, micro-hydroelectric power station and a waterfall on the Molchepa river.

The dolmen facade is made according to the tiled structures type. The huge front trapezoidal dolmen slab is 245 cm long at the base, 210 cm high and 57 cm thick.


The Caucasian reserve nature museum is located next to Dolmen. Volumetric exhibits (stuffed animals, etc.) are formed into bio groups showing them in a natural setting. There is an open-air cage complex on the cordon territory which has horses, deer, wolves, hares and other animals.


You can visit the rope amusement park – a unique set of obstacle tasks, consisting of 5 routes, different in length and difficulty: for children, for families, fun, extreme, trolley.


The entrance fee is 300 rubles per person.

The rope park is paid separately.