Team building is necessary for creation of an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding within the team. Of course, the best option is to conduct it not in the usual conversation format, often perceived by employees rather tensely, but in a more original way.

Abago Hotel holds the “Art Together” art teambuilding right on the bank of the Belaya river. During the event, the participants create one big picture together.

Art team building allows everyone to make a small contribution to the overall result. Each participant is immersed in creativity, since all the action takes place under the experienced artist’s guidance, this allows the participant to relax and build more informal communication with colleagues.

None of the participants know what exactly the final
outcome will be on the canvas until the end of the activity.

In addition to a great mood and the opportunity to feel like creators, the Abago hotel provides the art teambuilding participants with delicious snacks and an unforgettable aromatic mulled wine made in accordance with the special recipe of our bartender.

The Abago Hotel provides canvas, paints, and all consumables.

Participation fee is 1200 rubles per person for a team of at least 20 people.

Organize an art team-building for your colleagues. Let your team plunge into the process of creating the most beautiful collaborative work in a scenic meadow right in the heart of the Adygea mountains!