Wonder where to have an inexpensive vacation in the Krasnodar Territory?


We regularly run promotions such as discounts for family vacations for you to afford a decent vacation in any season.


You will learn about all the offers on the website in the “Promotions and offers” section!


You can spend your holidays in different ways according to your wishes. Some people enjoy many activities, others prefer peace and quiet with steady rhythm and independent spare time formation.


Abago is ready to meet any requirements of the customers and to organize not only active but also not regulated rest.


More than 60 people settled down for three days were satisfied with the complex meals and the services of our chef, who took on the role of a barbecue man. In addition, a sauna was specially prepared for vacationers, which gave them a three-hour immersion in culture and the opportunity to improve their health.



  • 61 persons
  • 2,112 rubles per person per day
  • 3 days 2 nights
  • 3 set lunches and breakfasts for all guests
  • 3,000 rubles for 3 hours of sauna
  • 5,000 rubles for chef services
  • 100% satisfied customers!