Combining business with pleasure is a unique skill. We are ready to accommodate not only office workers who are thirsty for a festive corporate party, and dream of relaxing away from a computer but also those who found the clean mountain air and local colors to be an ideal place for holding a conference.


A company of first-class professionals in the number of 40 people settled down in Abago for 4 days to forever fall in love with the atmosphere prevailing on the hotel territory and the staff hospitality.


The daily activities organized especially for our clients included equal time for solving business issues,

 and fun team building conductive to more informal communication and team relationship.


The guests managed to enjoy the quest in the forest reserve, go down the mountain river on a raft, and see the local sights in the company of a guide.


Of course, the banquet, consisting of the best dishes from our chef, took place at the hotel restaurant.