Holding conferences and seminars, business forums, and coaching outside the city will show the status of the company and allow giving a non-standard format to a serious event. If you are looking for well-equipped seminar rooms with good capacity and beautiful location, then Abago is the place for you!

Conference hall

Conference hall

Ready-made cases

Ready-made cases

High score

High score

We invite you to hold an unusual and interesting business event in Abago Hotel. Our site is a good option in case if you need professional organization of conferences and events, lectures and seminars, trainings and forums.

A conference room with the necessary equipment — screen, projector, laptop, flipchart, microphone, with a capacity of 60 people maximum is at your service.

We can also provide accommodation, meals, and leisure. A large restaurant menu, comfortable two-beds and four-beds suites, various quests, team building, corporate rafting are at your service.

We also developed packages of service that includes everything that may be useful for you depending on the purpose of your business trip to nature.

We can either provide you with a comfortable place or independently organize training with the involvement of professionals.

Well-known professionals from our country and abroad have already performed at the Abago hotel


Three of his companies have been ranked by Forbes’s, “America's fastest growing private companies” over the past 25 years.


A world-class business coach who used to train managers of companies such as Panasonic, Toyota, Volvo, Nestle, Unilever, Heineken, as well as major Russian companies: Sberbank, MTS, Megafon.


One of the climatic market founders in Russia. His "Northern Empire" consortium and the "White Guard" trading house are "monsters" of the climatic equipment market.


Business trainer, publisher of five bestsellers across Europe.